Meet Albi. He has a lovely, friendly nature and is looking for a wife. He really is a little softie who loves to run about and have zoomies.

He is ready to be adopted now and enquiries are welcome via Claire Brimble at K&C Rescue or myself.

Minimum size accommodation for smaller Rabbits is a double 6ft hutch with predator proof run attached or large enclosed dog play pen or similar indoors with free roam during the day (no cables exposed) or a room to the rabbits or a shed or playhouse.

Albi is with our fosterer Toni here in Basingstoke.

Adoption fees and homes checks will be required before adoptions can go ahead.


We will only rehome Rabbits in pairs or more, unless you can prove you have already got Rabbits then we will consider rehoming a single one. Rabbits must live in pairs. They are extremely social animals and get very lonely if kept alone.  Adoption fee applies at £80 per Rabbit. All Rabbits will have been spayed/Neutered.