Biscoff and Chocko



Biscoff and Chocko have had a really rough time. Their owners moved away and left them behind in the garden. There is no excuse for this and all it takes is to bring them to a local rescue or vets.
Luckily for these boys a friendly neighbour saw them and took them in and brought them to us.
We then gave them a good health check, pamper and mite treatment.
They are now now loving life, doing zoomies in their big hutch and love their cuddles from the children.
They are staying with our fosterer Krissy here in Basingstoke.

Minimum cage requirements for these boys are a 5×2 c&c Cage or 160 Ferplast for indoors or a 6ft Hutch with access to an outdoor run for outside.

Adoption fees and homes checks will be required before adoptions can go ahead.


We will only rehome guinea pigs in pairs or more, unless you can prove you have already got piggies then we will consider rehoming a single one. Guinea pigs must live in pairs (Boars can only live in pairs) or Sows can live in groups. They are extremely social animals and get very lonely if kept alone. If a bonded pair of the opposite sex, then we will neuter the boar before they can be adopted. Adoption fee applies £32.50 each piggie. If neutered boars will be £85

Boars are not routinely castrated. I only castrate singles to live with sows. Castrating boars does not change their behaviour like other animals, it just stops them from reproducing.