Munchkin & Minnie



Here we have these sweet sisters Munchkin & Minnie. These girls are only 7 months old. They are not used to be handled to much so therefor are a bit skittish and will require someone who is used to guinea pigs. They can be indoors or outdoors. Home checks and Adoption fees will apply. Currently with our fosterer Vicky in Oakley.



We will only rehome guinea pigs in pairs or more, unless you can prove you have already got piggies then we will consider rehoming a single one. Guinea pigs must live in pairs (Boars can only live in pairs) or Sows can live in groups. They are extremely social animals and get very lonely if kept alone. If a bonded pair of the opposite sex, then we will neuter the boar before they can be adopted. Adoption fee applies £30 ( min suggested donation) each piggie If neutered boars will be £65

Boars are not routinely castrated. I only castrate singles to live with sows. Castrating boars does not change their behaviour like other animals, it just stops them from reproducing.