Meet Rapunzel. We are not sure of Rapunzel’s age as she was abandoned before Christmas along with some other girls. She has completed her quarantine and pregnancy watch and now just looking for a loving home. She is a long haired guinea pig, so will need someone confident enough to maintain regular haircuts to prevent matting, or bring her here to the rescue where we will be happy enough to do this for her new owner/s. She really is a lovely little girl. She is currently housed in our heated insulated shed, so will need  to remain in something similar or inside until the warmer weather arrives.  Adoption fees and Proof of set up will be required before adoptions can go ahead.


We will only rehome guinea pigs in pairs or more, unless you can prove you have already got piggies then we will consider rehoming a single one. Guinea pigs must live in pairs (Boars can only live in pairs) or Sows can live in groups. They are extremely social animals and get very lonely if kept alone. If a bonded pair of the opposite sex, then we will neuter the boar before they can be adopted. Adoption fee applies £32.50 each piggie. If neutered boars will be £85

Boars are not routinely castrated. I only castrate singles to live with sows. Castrating boars does not change their behaviour like other animals, it just stops them from reproducing.