Here at Keki’s Guinea Pig Rescue we also understand the importance of trying to find somewhere loving and safe to leave your squeaky pigs when you want to go away. Because we run a rescue and have our own squeaky pigs, your piggies will not only be left in safe hands, but will be given lots of love and cuddles not only from our family but the many volunteers that regularly pop in. Please do let us know however if your piggie/s prefer to be left alone to his/her own devices.

They will also have the opportunity to stretch their little paws in our enclosed runs on our lawn and munch away on the many dandelions that grow, along with being provided with lots of readigrass and foraging.

Prices include their veg, hay and accommodation. (not forgetting lots of fun) But we do ask that you provide their pellets as we do not want to upset their little tummies.

A deposit will be required to secure your booking.

Please note that we are not a registered boarding facility but do hold public liability insurance. We are happy to recommend insured boarding facility’s if you would prefer.

Why not book your squeaky pig in for a pamper while they are here?

We also offer a full groom package which ranges from a simple nail clip to a full pamper package. Ask us for more information.

*Please Note

All money made from the boarding and pamper packages goes straight back into our rescue. We do not take anything from this.

We are open Mon to Fri 9am – 11 am and 4pm – 7pm, Sat 9 am – 11am by appointment basis only.

We do recommend booking in advance as spaces are limited.

Prices are as follows:

4ft Hutch – £8/day

5ft Hutch – £10/day

6ft Hutch – £14/day

We look forward to meeting you and your squeaky pigs here at our rescue.